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Accommodation Cuyabeno Ecuador Guacamayo Ecolodge

Guacamayo Ecolodge Office in QUITO, find us at this Address :
Reina Victoria N24-151 between José Calama and Mariscal Foch
Building “Torre del Quinde, 5B-502”

Phone :
(+593) 2 290 4765

Mobile & Whatsapp :
(+593) 939 062 779

The Accommodation Cuyabeno Ecuador Guacamayo Ecolodge was created in 2010 by a small group of Ecuadorian settlers of this wonderful natural creation the “Cuyabeno” park. Knowing the tourism field and the environment and committed to work and strengthen environmental policies of the area thus subjecting environmental parameters that help minimize environmental impact and making use of eco friendly systems operating in the lodge. We have solar panels to supply the entire lodge with electricity, bio-digesters to treat waste water or latrines, we use biodegradable soap and shampoo and an endless number of actions to improve sustainable tourism. We also have the best bilingual guides of the area responsible and conscious committed to imparting knowledge and interpret at best the rainforest, creating a memorable experience for our visitors. We invite you to travel with ecolodge macaw to make your trip a unique experience.

We are promoting seriously and responsibly ecotourism in the 2nd biggest protected area in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador – CUYABENO WILDLIFE RESERVE – with 604,000 hectares 0f primary forest declared protected in 1979. This Ecolodge provides solar electricity to charge batteries of cameras or other electronic objects, rooms with private toilet and hot shower. To make the less impact possible to the Nature, the Accommodation Cuyabeno Ecuador Guacamayo Ecolodge also provides biodigestors for the toilet system. Sustainable Tourism Industry is benefiting directly local communities in the Reserve and at the same time Protecting a part of the Last Refuge of Wildlife on earth.

Accommodation Cuyabeno Ecuador Guacamayo Ecolodge

Accommodation Cuyabeno Ecuador Guacamayo Ecolodge


Guacamayo Ecolodge is committed to empowering people of indigenous communities, for the inclusion of direct activities in the tourism field and so position them in jobs, in order to improve the economic sustainability of the same.


Guacamayo Ecolodge ensures create ecological environmental awareness of the Amazon rainforest informing and facilitating experiences focused on sustainability to all stakeholders in our tourism operations in the Cuyabeno Reserve creating a culture of environmental awareness and environmentally friendly.

We offer you :

  • The Best Accommodation in Cuyabeno
  • Wildlife Cuyabeno Tours
  • Bird Watching Tours

Check where we are located in the Cuyabeno Reserve, the best lodging Accommodation Cuyabeno Ecuador Guacamayo Ecolodgeodge on Google Maps ! 

Accommodation Cuyabeno Ecuador Guacamayo Ecolodge