Cuyabeno Reserve


ORELLANA and SUCUMBIOS provinces - Ecuador


590112 hectares

Creation year


Altitudinal range

177 – 326 meters


The Amazon region is characterized for its large areas of rainforest, where trees such as ceibo, sande, and caoba can easily grow and reach a height of 50 meters. Nevertheless, there are areas where water replaces firm ground, rivers suddenly become narrow canals, medium and large lagoons appear, and canoes are the only way to get around in between the trees and vegetation. These are the flooded Amazon forests, which are protected in its majority within this great reserve. This protected area is named after the Cuyabeno River, which overflows in its midpoint creating a 14 lagoon complex and also the most extensive wetlands of the Ecuadorian Amazon. These flooded forests are the territory of dolphins, manatees, alligators, anacondas, otters, and of the water guarango tree, the most unique tree in this reserve; thanks to its special adaptations, it can grow on the shores of rivers and lagoons, creating a magic and mysterious environment that attract thousands of visitors every year. The reserve is also considered one of the most culturally diverse protected areas in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The indigenous communities of Siona, Secoya, Cofan, Kichwa, and shuar live in this area.